Tips to stop snoring

snoring tips

You may be among the 45% of the adults who snore at least occasionally or you likely know someone who does but snoring is serious business.

For one, a snoring spouse often keeps the other person from a good night’s sleep, which can eventually lead to separate bedrooms.

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Traces of an ancient lost continent Gondwana under Mauritius Island

mauritiusresearchers from the University of the Witwatersrand confirms the existence of an ancient “lost continent” under Mauritius, a vestige of a super continental fracture that occurred 200 million years ago.

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Everything you need to know about the H1N1 Flu – Prevention treatment and Symptoms

h1n1 flu

This disease is caused by a new influenza A virus of subtype H1N1. This virus is different from those of seasonal influenza, also of type A-H1N1. Indeed, the virus contains genes of several known viruses of porcine, avian and human origin.

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